Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A little thank you...

Having just read all the lovely comments on my blog, I wanted to thank you ladies - and gentlemen (Neil xxx) - for saying such nice things about my flower cards.
Here is a card showing you yet another rose. I've used my Woodware singles clear stamp of a rose JGS151, stamped it with black Versafine ink and clear embossing powder, heated it to emboss the image. Then coloured it in with a Sakura metalic and stardust pens. Apply the pen directly onto the stamped image, so for this image I applied the colour at the base of each petal where it would be darker, then using a water or paint brush drag the colour all over the petals. Apply more colour if need be by applying the pen to a non porous surface such as a piece of acetate and use that as your palette. The Sakura pens are wonderful for colouring and give such an amazing shimmering look. Give it a try.

Monday, 30 May 2011

The name's Bond, James Bond

I like a man in a dinner jacket!
The rose is the main feature and the look of the card would be perfect for weddings, 21st birthdays and valentine cards. Add your message on the pocket perhaps.
In nut shell.....the rose is made from the Woodware green heart punch, punch ten hearts from red paper and put four together overlapping the sides and in the shape of a fan, then do the same for the three hearts, then the two hearts leaving one on its own.
I use a PVA glue for sticking together.
Colour the petals with a darker red ink pad directly to the paper and shape each one into a cone. Fold a little of the pointed end of the single heart up and then flat, then make that heart into a thin cone. Cut the pointed end off the two middle cones and curl the edges of the hearts with the DEET tool on the moulding mat (see the FPC books by Leone Em for the technique).
Now stick one inside the other starting with the largest. And there you have a perfect rose. Add a stem and some leaves before gluing it to the lapel.
The rose instructions in more detail can be found on page 42 in the first (green cover) Floral Punch Craft book.
The make up for the base card is simple....cut shapes for the lapel, bow tie and pocket from black card. Cover part of the 148mm square base card with black card and stick the shapes to the card with black foam squares. Use a black Sakura glaze pen to draw the detail stitch lines.
Oh...and before you stick the pocket on the base card, fold down the top and stick some cream or white card behind it to make a handkerchief.
The buttons add detail and I have used a regular black button on the jacket and some white Woodware Candy bonbons stickers for the shirt buttons.
I teach Floral Punch Craft at The Glitter Pot so why not come along, check out their web site for the class list.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Posy of Roses Wedding Card

Here is the Flower Girls first card for the Woodware Wedding Card Challenge. As you would expect it is flowers. The card is 21cms Square made from 2 pieces of card. The ribbon and the punched border cover a hinge that is the join in the 2 pieces of card. The card has been completely covered in White Foliage Vellum.

The flowers are made from Heart punches in the Regular and Large size and the leaf is the Large size Birch
With lots of character shaping to create the curving of the petals and the veining on the leaves.
The wording is on a tag punch and it should appears as a Woodware Clear Magic stamp in the summer. 

Friday, 20 May 2011

New Dreamweaver stencils added to the Woodware web site.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Woodware blog is on it's way....

I'm looking forward to the new Woodware blog and sharing some photos and ideas with the craft shop owners around the world. Lets hope I can update it more than my own blog!

Here is a little photo to keep you of my bubble butterflies from the trio on the set of stamps. It's stamped, the circles are filled with glossy accents in stages and then different coloured glitters are poured on top of the glossy accents. The result is a rich, delicate and very sparkly butterfly. Woodware have two new different sets of fine glitter and the colours are wonderful. By using glossy accents, the glitter has a slightly raised appearance on each of the circles.

Looking forward to chatting and sharing on the Woodware blog soon.

Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
Look, I’ve just caught you another mouse!