Friday, 16 July 2010

Things you can do with a scallop circle....

I made this card some weeks ago at The Glitter Pot, and I've only just got round to putting it on my blog! How lazy am I. Actually, I've been very busy creating some more Christmas stamp designs and then making up the samples. They should be in the shops by early August or if we are lucky end of July. I was making the samples during that amazing heat wave we had three weeks ago, it was 28-30 degrees here in West Sussex - I think that was summer.

Back to the card... you need three different sized round scallop punches or dies, closed tweezers, a medium daisy punch, a large daisy punch, patterned paper/card (which ever goes through your punch), contrasting ink pads and PVA glue.

Punch one circle from each punch and two from the smallest punch, (you now have four circles) edge all the circles with an ink pad. Cut the circles into half, then quarters, then eighths. Holding the shape from the scallop end uppermost in the closed tweezers, roll it around the tweezer till it spirals. Take it out of the tweezer and repeat to all the shapes.

Punch four daisies from same paper. Stick the curled shapes from the point onto a daisy petal. You will now have eight shapes per daisy. You have to keep the differently sized circles together on one daisy. Make up four daisies. Put one inside the other using PVA glue. Shape the large daisy to fit in the middle. And there you are - a fabulous flower for your card.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Weekend at Craft Range

Just got back from a teaching a brilliant Floral Punch Craft workshop to 15 gorgeous ladies in Burnley, Lancashire at Craft Range. Not only was I treated like royalty, I had great fun too. I stayed with Deb and Mick and on my last day looked out of my bedroom window to see two deer walking casually round the front garden.
The shop is full of wonderful things and some very inspiring samples. The staff are lovely especially Janet who looked after me most of the time. She is a very talented lady and gave me some great ideas for card making and products to buy!!
I hope to be going back there in October to teach another FPC class. So if you are in the area why not pay them a visit and come and make some paper flowers.

Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
Look, I’ve just caught you another mouse!