Monday, 23 July 2012

Woodware Challenge - Chill out with Zentangle

I've been Zentangling for years...the owl card below is taken from a drawing I did about 30 years ago and I've adapted it to make this great stamp. Each section of the owl has been filled in with fine lines and shapes. The shapes within the owl are great for cutting out for 3D  decoupage. As its all been Zenatangles for you all you have to do is stamp, cut and make up the card.

Already Zentangled owl stamp from Woodware JGCL524 Wose Owl

Now for those who love to use a fine tipped black pen and doodle all day here is a great image with large areas perfect for filling in with Zentangle shapes and patterns.
I take my pre stamped images or lots of blank paper to create my own shapes on the plane or when travelling by train, all I need is a selection of black pens such as Sakura Micron 005, 01, 02, 03 and 05 and a pencil for shading in.
The greeting comes from Woodware JGCL519 Essential Birthdays.

Fill anything you like with Zentangle, this is as stamp from Woodware - JGS255 Clematis

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Woodware Challenge - Grey and Chartreuse

I believe this is the 'pampered stamper's' choice of colour, very nice Pam!
Just love the combination.

I've made the card to fit the stencil.

The second photo shows you the three products I used for this project.....
Dreamweaver stencil LX7015 (brand new)
Floral Punch Craft punch FPC3-01 splat
Floral Punch Craft punch FPC1-01 stamens
The greeting comes from my JGCL519 Essential Birthdays

To make the flowers you need two splat shapes plus a stamen shape for the middle and all these have been punched from yellow card and paper, card for the splat is best.
I have coloured the blobs on the ends of the splat using a yellow marker pan, allow it to dry then place upside down on the moulding mat and use an embossing tool and the 'cup' character technique to create little round bowl shapes. Then turn over and do the same in the middle, simples!
Layer and stick two together and add a stamens punch in the middle which has been given the same colouring and shaping as the splat. You will need to use a very small embossing head for this shape. Finish off with a little gem in the middle of the stamens shape, yellow stars look good.

I've put the stencil through the BigShot machine using the extra mat from Dreamweaver, it worked a treat on the grey card.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Hello from sunny, hot Canada

No photos yet as I don't have the right connection cable to the iPad!! Just to let you all know I'm having a fabulous time here in Jasper in the Rocky Mountains, Canada. The weather is just great and the scenery even better, in fact it's amazing, just takes your breath away. I've seen brown bears, deer, long whiskered squirrels, marmots and chipmunks. Enjoying the posts on the Woodware blog.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Woodware Challenge - Anything but square - no corners allowed!

One of the stamp images from my JGCL522 Jewel Garden set makes up this pretty round card.
The image is made to look like a brooch, has been gold embossed onto
black card, coloured with pearlescent paints from a USArtQuest palette.
I've then put crackle accents over the green gems and added tiny yellow pearls. 
The black scallop circle is from punch number 840-07 and I've decorated the edge with pearlescent paint too and some small circles left over from a sheet of peel offs. 

Woodware JGCL522 The Jewel Garden

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Woodware Challenge Sketch 14 - Marigold

Quite a few punches are needed for this pretty little Marigold - a small heart, orange sized heart, green sized heart, green sized oak leaf, orange sized snowflake and a green sized daisy punch. Instructions are in book 2 (red cover) on page 12. It's very simple to make and looks so realistic.

Marigolds flowers are made from an orange sized Woodware balloon punch

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Woodware Challenge - Mercart metal

Let your imagination run wild with Mercart metal!
On my card today I have drawn my own image - keeping it simple- onto paper and then traced the outline onto the metal with a biro.
Using the different teflon tools and a soft and hard surface, I have drawn the image
and embossed from both sides of the metal.
I have used the teflon tool to draw in the 'worm trails' all around the image to give the metal a textured background. It's easy to do....just scribble away all over the metal using a light pressure.

I have used the decorative wheel around the edge which I think leaves a nice border to finish it off.
I have then used a black and green permanent ink with some thinners which I have wiped all over the surface to give it a bit of colour.

The stamp around the edge of the base card is a Magenta stamp 28034-I. 

Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
Look, I’ve just caught you another mouse!