Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mad Hatter theme from The Stamp Pad

The theme this week was set by  Gwen Stampy from the Stamp Pad I'm sure the girls who to contribute to the Woodware blog are going to interpret this weeks theme in may different's mine.....a mini hat!

I made the hat myself from some cardboard packaging.
I drew around a side plate to get the cardboard circle.
Then I worked out how long and wide a strip of card I needed to make the crown.
I then cut a hole in the circle to fit the crown and another smaller circle to go on the top of the crown.
I stuck everything together with PVA glue and wrapped some
sticky tape around the crown to secure it.
It looks pretty rough and ready but it feels strong and will be covered over once decorated.
The brim is 16cm wide and the crown is about 7cm high.

Remember those Christmas trees we made last year? Well I did the same on this hat using Dreamweaver embossing paste and Card Candi.
While the paste was drying, I made some matching flowers using
Woodware's paper flower packs and gems.
A hat pin from Dreamweaver which was coloured with a permanent marker, some feathers and a nice spotty ribbon finished it off. Perfect for Ascot.

I wanted to put it on Murty my black cat so I could take a photo but for some
reason he won't wear it! May be its not his colour!

You can see how I have snipped the crown part of the card
to stick it onto the rim and how it looks after it's all put together.
Inside the hat.

Cat toy substitute for my model! Very jaunty.

I hope that you are enjoying Woodware's  Mad Hatters week, brought to you by
Gwenstampy of the Stamp Pad
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See you soon thanks for popping in!


Clarissa said...

Excellent. Love the idea of you chasing Murty round the house trying to put the hat on!!
Clarissa. X

Eunice said...

Love it Jane


Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
Look, I’ve just caught you another mouse!