Friday, 7 February 2014

Woodware challenge - Stash Buster

 I love storage and had a brain wave this morning for this weeks Woodware challenge. Here is my idea for a little storage container thats quick to make and completely free!

I've got lots of braid which I found while going through my mum's sewing box. It was too good to through away, the braid is from Pakistan so it's not the kind of thing I would put on a card. But its colourful and good quality and its in my stash!!!

I've used a 4 pint milk carton, peel off the label, cut off the base making it about 3" to 4" tall, but you can make it any height. I found some white cotton fabric and dug
out the bags of braid from my sewing basket.
 You can sew this project together or do what I did.....I have a sewing machine but I'm too lazy to get it set up, Stix2 gave me a darling pink hot glue gun a few weeks ago and it was the perfect thing to use for this project.

I cut a length of the fabric to wrap around the carton and enough to fold underneath.
Heat up your glue gun while you sort out the braid. Cut it into lengths to fit the length of fabric. Apply hot glue to the fabric in sections and stick the braid on top. Add another layer of braid and continue until the fabric is covered.
Then just wrap it around the carton using the glue gun to stick it all together.
I've decorated mine with some paper flowers I've had for years and the centres of the flowers are from an old necklace which which was broken but
in my stash of buttons and beads.

The 4 pint milk carton showing the cut mark
Glue gun, braid and white fabric
Added flowers finish it off
Handy storage for bottles, brushes and bits and bobs


Carol said...

Great recycling idea TFS - love the colours of the braids you have used.

Eunice said...

Great idea Jane and love that shade of blue.


Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
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