Friday, 4 October 2013

Alter it or recycle it....

When I make my card samples for the Woodware catalogue I never seem to use the envelopes from the card packs. So what to do with all the left overs? 

The answer....make a book.

Use the envelopes as the pages of the book with pockets.

I made this 'birthday' book a couple of years ago and it would also make a great scrapbook for any occasion, use the pockets to hold photos, recipes, mementoes or
seed packets for keen gardeners.

Its so simple to make....decide how many pages you want for your book and find some envelopes all the same size. Seal them and cut a sliver off the tops to make the pockets. Cover each side with a patterned paper. Decorate as you wish. Punch some holes on the left side as you see in my photos.

Cut two thick pieces of card the same size as the envelopes for the covers and cover those with papers. Punch holes in the sides in the same place as the holes on the envelopes and use the big Woodware book rings to keep it all together. Decorate with ribbons.
I've made 12 big tags to go in my envelopes with each month of the year written on the top.

The finished 'birthday' book
Decorated with punched flowers, ribbon and hand written quotes
The tags all have a ribbon attached so I can get it
out of the pocket easily
Punch a half circle in the tops of the pocket
to make it easier to pull out photos, etc

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Clarissa said...

Fabulous book. Class potential I hope!
Clarissa. X

Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
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