Thursday, 29 August 2013

Funny mini star card

Something with a little bit of engineering for the Woodware challenge this week.

We made a similar card to this at a class at The Glitter Pot a few weeks ago
and it inspired me to make another.
So I've made it into a Christmas decoration but you could add some little photos inside and turn it into a mini album as a gift for a special occasion.

Cut five 4" square pieces of paper (you could do six if you want). Edge each piece with a contrasting ink pad on both sides.
Fold each square in half both ways and make one diagonal fold.
Use a bone folder to get crisp folds.
You can use any paper or thin card, patterned, plain or why not stamp your own.
Stick one of the plain squares on the shape to the square on a second shape.
Keep the pointed ends together.
Continue to do this until all are stuck together. Don't stick the first shape to the last shape.
Close it up to see the resulting 2" square mini card.

Now the fun part of decorating....I've used three Woodware snowflake punches and some silver paper. You need to punch a snowflake for each shape that appears inside the card. Stick a snowflake on each section within the 'star'.
Cut two 2" squares and some smaller squares to layer inside to make the two covers, layer together and attach an 8" length of ribbon to the back of each on one corner.
Stick a cover to the front and back so the ribbon will be at the top when you close it up.
Decorate the covers with a punched snowflake.
Thread a few pretty beads onto the ribbon (put both ribbons through the bead) and tie a knot on the end of the two ribbons. The beads keep it together.
Close it and hang it up or open it and hang it up.
Either way they make fun little decorations.

You could make some really mini ones by using a 3" square instead
of a 4" square piece of paper.
The five folded shapes edged with coloured ink

The finished mini star card hanging in my Magnolia tree in the absence of a Christmas tree

A close up of one of the shapes folded and ready to assemble 
Sticking the flat square sides together
....two shapes stuck together 
The five shapes stuck together 
Once opened out, it would look fabulous on the Christmas tree
The three punches I used and the little silver ink pad

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Clarissa said...

I enjoyed making this in your class. Very clever.
Clarissa. X

Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
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