Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Woodware Challenge - Just a Note.....

Now that Christmas is nearly over and while the family go for that long walk or sleep in front of the TV, get your coloured pencils out and sit quietly colouring in some stamped images. Pure relaxation!
Here is a taster and something to inspire you.
I've used my Phlox stamp (JGS352) and ordinary coloured pencils, using only three colours. Apply heavy and light pressure when colouring in to create the different shades.
What changes this image from the stamp is the hand drawn border. Draw a very light guide line with a pencil and ruler and then write over it using a fine tipped black pen but don't use a ruler, make the lines wavy.
If you can, write the words underneath using the same black pen.
I have used the same image stamped on the background too.

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Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
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