Saturday, 31 March 2012

Woodware Challenge - Pull out the punches

I have to admit I have a few punches...!!! So for today's blog I have used as many as possible to make up this wonderful book card. This card design makes the perfect package for my paper flowers.

The frame is made up of four pieces of card to any size as long as the length can be divided up evenly in 2cm sections. The sizes here are 24cm by 15cm and 24cm x 21cm. Punch one of the short edges on each peace, here I have used the crafty edger and the Japanese fan border CP43-20 cassette. Score, fold and concertina each one and stick together in the corners as the photo shows.

Make up the cover of the book to fit the frame, make the cover quite a simple design so that it is a surprise when you open it up. 

Cut a piece of card to fit behind the frame ready for stamping on. This can be stamped before sticking to the back of the frame.The verse is from my new set JGCL555 which came out February 2012.

I've made lots of different flowers with green and orange sized punches, too numerous to mention and it would take a while to describe how I have made all the flowers. They are all made using orange, peach and cream papers. I teach floral punch craft classes at The Glitter Pot in Burgess Hill but you can find all the techniques in the FPC books which Woodware stock.


Clarissa said...

Another beautiful card and aother one I love making. Hope you are, see you soon. X

Sarah K said...

This is so beautiful, I love the orange colours xx

Eunice said...

Beautiful card and box Jane so enjoyed the class you did on it.


Pam Hornschu said...

This is very similar to the one you made for me! Believe it or not, Lynell and I actually managed to get it home to the US without squashing it! Now I need to buy (or make) a pretty frame for it. Thanks again, Jane!

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Tabitha looking cute
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