Saturday, 3 September 2011


This is one of my favourite techniques using Dreamweaver stencils and black paste.

I've used the ginger jar brass stencil LG626 and have embossed on to thick vellum, then I have cut the shape out around the embossed edge. I've added powdered chalks (lime green and turquoise) and to the vellum vase which is not too easy to see on the photo but it gives the vase just a hint of colour. I have also cut out a plain white card version so stick the vellum onto it using Miracle Adhesive Film 2788.

To make the leaf decoration, I have used the leaf stencil LG616, greaseproof paper, black paste and the pallet knife. Secure the stencil to the paper using low tack tape and apply the black paste in the usual way. Peel the stencil away from the paper and wash the stencil straight away. You are left with all the leaves on the greaseproof paper. Let that dry - this can take an hour or two.

Once dry, put the stencil back over the leaves and apply a layer of glue using the Stamp and stick glue pad GLUIPAD and a finger dauber. With the stencil still in place, dab on Metallic Fix (mica powder) in any colour you like with a small stencil brush. Remove the stencil and clean. Your leaves are now ready to use.

Prepare your base card. My sample card is A6 and I have covered it with black card. I've stamped gold and grey patterned paper with Magenta 37163.H and made a little embellishment with a wooden coffee stir stick which I have coloured and decorated with peel offs.
The paper collar on the vase is made from a strip of card with frayed ends and the little square keeps everything stuck together.

Peel the finished leaves carefully away from the greaseproof paper (they are quite flexible but soft and delicate), put some PVA glue on the reverse and stick to the vellum vase. Make good use of the half leaves too and stick those to the edge of the vase to give the vase 'roundness'. Mount the vase onto the card with foam pads.

This technique only works with small solid shapes and you can make a batch and use them later. I re-use the greaseproof paper several times.


Pam Hornschu said...

This is so gorgeous! Love the idea of using the "greaseproof" paper to create your peel-off leaves! I'll definitely have to try that! So glad that you girls are playing along with us this week!
Dreamweaver team

Daria said...

I thought I was too tired to look at the posts tonight. I was just going to take a quick peek and return tomorrow to make comments. As soon as I saw your gorgeous card, I woke right up.

The way you colored the vase makes it look like porcelain. The leaf embellishments are beautiful. I can think of lots of ways to use them. Thank you for explaining how you made this.

Siobhan Fyffe said...

This is lovely Jane. So elegant. The ginger jar is an all time favourite of mine too ... it's just so versatile.

Liz Martin said...

Oh, so many good ideas: adding chalk to the vellum vase gives it the look of fine china. And paste embossing on greaseproof paper (which I think might be like wax paper or freezer paper in the United States) is a great way to add small, decorative elements to your project. The card is simple and elegant – my favorite style.

Janine said...

Love this card - never been brave enough to try the paste!

Deborah March said...

BEAUTIFUL...just love those leaves!!

sommrstamping said...

Jane this card is really exquisite I love all the layers and the colors you used. Great card

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Jane...this is really a spectacular card. I love that technique you did with making your own "stickers" with an open stencil image. Beautiful colors as well.

SherylH said...

Lovely card! I love the idea of making the leaves from stencil paste and most give this a try.

Sarah K said...

Beautiful, when are we doing a class xx

Kim x said...

Hi Jane Your idea is just fab as always. I love the leaves.
Hugs Kimx

Louise said...

This is gorgeous !!! I love making peel offs too, I use the shiny side of freezer paper, they peel right off .

Junie Moon said...

Beautiful Jane (as always) - ditto SarahK - when are we going to get a class?

Francoise said...

Beautiful card. Very elegant and so you. Had a great time yesterday! so please to be sat next to you. I think between us we do a great job!!
See you sooon Fx

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Tabitha looking cute
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