Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Budapest was fantastic and very interesting, would love to go back and have a session in the thermal spas.

My next class at The Glitter Pot is on Saturday 15th November when we will be using the Art Impressions selection of trees. There are quite a few tree stamps in the range and I've got some interesting ideas up my sleeve. I look forward to seeing you all again if you have booked a space. There is a reserve list of people who can't get on the class so I might just try and persuade Bryan and Carolyn to put on another repeat for you.

I'm off to The Stoke Gallery in Gosport, Hampshire this Saturday to take a floral punch craft class. We are making 'mock orange blossom' and a session making leaves of all kinds, colouring them and learning how to put them together to make a leafy display. Fancy doing that at The Glitter Pot next year?
Just thought you might like to see a nice little photo of me with Leone Em taken a few years back while we were teaching in Skipton, Yorkshire. Have a fun week. Bye for now.


Joanne said...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed Budapest.

I'll be trying not to think about what I'm missing on Saturday at the Glitter Pot - please persuade Bryan and Carolyn to put on that extra class!

Hope your class at Gosport goes well. Yes please to the orange blossom and leaves next year!

Great to see a picture of Leone Em - have never seen one before. Looks like you were having a good giggle! What a big pile of molding mats - must have been a big class!


Gill said...

Hi Jane. Glad you enjoyed Budapest. Yes Orange blossom and any sort of leaf sounds great for a Glitterpot get together. looking forward to playing with the tree stamps next week.

Enjoy Gosport and see you next week.


carol said...

Glad you enjoyed Budapest and a well earned rest. Please persuade Bryan and Carolyn to do an extra class on the trees I am on the waiting list but am sure you won't have any cancellations. Yes pleas the orange blossom and leave next year sounds really good.


PeeJay said...

Well, they've already said it all Jane! A definite yes to orange blossom and leaves from me .... please!

Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
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