Monday, 11 January 2016

Woodware challenge - funky shaped cards

I don't think this is actually a 'funky' looking card but its a different shape so I hope it fits into the criteria for this weeks Woodware challenge!
As you can see its a selection of die cut circles (or punch them if you prefer).
Each circle has been coloured with distress ink and then stamped using
some new stamps of mine for this year.

Heres a list of what I have used....
JGS439 small fennel
JGS437 herbs
JGS443 large fennel
JGS454 true friends (greeting)

I used a 6" base card laid out flat as my size and arranged the circles on top.
This is an easy way of getting a good shape and keeping within
the size so you can fit it in an envelope.

The circles are stuck together so its all joined up. I've scored it in three places
so it folds like a concertina. 
The back is covered in contrasting card to make it tidy.

Showing the card standing up.
The back of the card covered in contrasting card.
The card closed with the greeting on the front.


Japonica said...

Great idea. Love it. Thanks Jane

Clarissa said...

Very clever card. I love the new stamps.
Clarissa. X

Unknown said...

Really like this card Jane.
Good to see you today.


Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
Look, I’ve just caught you another mouse!