Monday, 16 February 2015

Woodware challenge - Special lady

A close up showing the layers in more detail

Using Woodware stamps JGS402, JGS399 and JGS400 in the plant a meadow collection you can create your own wild garden picture.
Here I have used first used grey ink, then the coloured ink, in this case turquoise,
then the black ink.
Don't forget to re position the stems of the stamps once they are on the
acrylic block so the flower stamps in different directions.
You can also make the stems longer by inking just the stem, turning the stamp
upside down and stamping again over the stems on your artwork.
You just have to make sure the top of the plant is not on the artwork!
Finish off with some glitter glue to match your coloured ink.

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Jill said...

Wow, this is gorgeous. The colours are fab - as are the stamps of course!

Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
Look, I’ve just caught you another mouse!