Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Japonica workshop

Travelled down to Japonica in Exmouth last week in the pouring rain to do an all day workshop. Floral Punch Craft in the morning and stamping and heat embossing in the afternoon. 

We made a small spray of carnations using a selection of punches from Woodware and my Daisy Dots stamp set for the afternoon.

I then went on to Japonica, a great craft and gift store, the following day to do an in store demo using my range of frame clear stamps combined with simple flowers and verses.

If you are planning a holiday down in Devon, then this is one shop that must be on your list of things to visit.
Using tools to make the character lines in the carnation petals
The finished card

Thanks to all the ladies who came on my class and made me feel so welcome. Thanks also to Janet and her husband Edmund for having me to stay in their home. I had a great time.
My birthday background with some flowers as
demonstrated in store
A pretty three fold tent card showing one of my
frame sets and more flowers

The lovely Janet hard at work


KarmaCraft said...

Hi Jane!

I wish I had been there. I can usually make any flower in the FPC books, but the Carnation always gets me! I can't seem to make it look right.

Any tips? :)


Jane Elizabeth Gill said...

I only use 16 bell shapes to make the flower not the 24 as specified in the book. I also use the DEET tool on the back and then the front of the petals as shown in the photo on the blog to create a more 'ragged' look to the petals. Hope that helps!

Cultivate Life in Joy said...

Love the idea of making a carnation flower..I love making handmade paper flowers and have not tried a carnation...I will have to follow more of your inspiring great work..thank you for sharing and I am glad I found your blog.

Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
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