Saturday, 9 October 2010

Night Owl...or an early bird?

It's 05.30 in the morning and I can't sleep. So here I am at last on my blog... long time no see.
I seem to have been making Christmas cards forever and needed a change of scene so that's why I've chosen my owl card. I drew this picture may years ago and have now made it into a stamp and I like the results especially when I can use the paper piecing technique. The stamp set is on the Woodware label of course and can be found at The Glitter Pot and other Woodware stockists (I hope!).
Christmas card making classes this year have been a very busy affair and it seems you all like my Bubble Wreath set. When customers come to my classes and show me the cards they have made (Clarissa, has done loads!) I am so impressed and just when I think I can't teach another class I look at these cards and say 'Jane, I just love everybody on my classes and must continue!" So I'm already planning next years dates at The Glitter Pot right up to September 2011 (do I get a holiday please?).
My last class of the year at The Glitter Pot is on December 11th and we go out with a festive flourish of boxes, tags and such for Christmas. I'm also planning a fun lunch that day too. We had one last year and everybody brought something to eat and shared it so I hope you will join me again on the 11th.
Must get back to finishing next summer's stamp designs once it's daylight! So watch this space.


Junie Moon said...

It must have been those Owls in today's class Jane, because I've been awake most of the night too!

Sarah K said...

Just booked the Christmas class and can not wait xx

Eunice said...

Jane quote "Just when I think I can't teach another class" please don't frighten us. There is no way we can let you stop. Who else could ever take your place and teach us such wonderful techniques especially the beautiful flowers. I look forward to many more years of class lists from you.


Eunice said...

Thank You Jane for another super class, as for giving up NO WAY we won't let you, who else could teach us such beautful flowers.


Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
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