Monday, 10 August 2009

A cosy, traditional Christmas

No sooner have I finished my Christmas stamp designs, I'm told to get creative for the next lot due out in February next year!! So now I'm busy thinking of ideas, hence the absence from my blog!
Thought you might like to see another set due out very soon, catch them at The Glitter Pot where I will be demonstrating them on the 5th and 6th September at their third birthday weekend bash.
I've been pretty busy too teaching and demonstrating and last Saturday I went to The Eternal Maker in Chichester for their second birthday open day. They have just moved to new premisses on Terminus Road and boy, what a fantastic place they have now, its BIG and beautiful. You just have to go and see them. The shop does a lot of sewing (quilting mainly), knitting and felt making but they do have a nice area for rubber stamping too (which I hope will grow and grow). I really recommend them. If you go say 'hello' to Anna and Mum Sarah who own and run the shop. I'm sure they live there are so many creative ideas displayed around the shop they must spend all their time there!
Dinner beckons - I must eat and keep my strength up to keep up with you all!

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Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
Look, I’ve just caught you another mouse!