Thursday, 7 May 2009

Demo days at The Glitter Pot

If you missed it, you really missed out! We had a wonderful two days last weekend with lots of fabulous demonstrators plus me! I was in the studio with...wait for it...Francoise Read and Julie Hickey. Looks like I've really come up in the world! The weather was nice, customers cheery and of course Bryan and Carolyn on hand in the shop helping everybody feel at home. Thanks to everybody who came and made it a great success.

On the Saturday I was making my paper flowers and here are a couple of cards showing you some nice new ideas. On the Sunday I made scrapbooks in a tin which you can see in the shop. The scrapbooks are from Woodware and make great presents for special occasions. View them on The Glitter Pot web site.

The wonderful hydrangea has been made using styrofoam balls, Bazzill card stock and lots of glue! The photo shows you the products I used and if you are very clever like Joanne, you will be able to create your own with out me. But it would be much nicer to see you and come to a class at The Glitter Pot. In fact why am I showing you this card at all!

The orange flower is created using an insect selection punch by Leone Emm which has a wonderful little ant on it, great for picnic cards and scrapbook pages. Most people though they were spiders! The products as always are in the shop. I've one more sample up my sleeve but I might save that till next time!

At The Glitter Pot again on Saturday (can't get enough of the place!) repeating my chocolate themed class. We eat cake and chocolate Minstrels all day and just have a chaotic time with die cutting and folding techniques! The studio is a busy place. Will show you my cards next week.

Supper is ready and I'm starving. See you all soon.


Maids: said...

Jane, I started card making about 2 years ago and it all started when I bought a book by Julie Hickey. I live in Australia, so no chance of visiting the Glitter Pot in person (very sad), so it is lovely to be able to see your work on the blog. Thank you. Lorraine.

Joanne said...

I was at the Glitter Pot today, and saw these cards in the flesh - they're gorgeous - especially the hydrangea one. I'll have to get the punch and polystyrene balls so I can have a go. I was very sad not to be able to come to the bank holiday weekend fun, but we went up to Scotland visiting, otherwise I would have been there!

Have only just found this post by you - for some reason my feed for your blog is not updating - will have to investigate.

eva said...

Very nice

Tabitha looking cute

Tabitha looking cute
Look, I’ve just caught you another mouse!